I Ended Up With The Worst House On The Block And Here Is Why

I started looking for a home in Plano, TX about a year ago. I moved to the area to be with a woman I met in the Internet and I thought it was a great place to settle down. Instead of taking my time and considering all of these different points, I rushed, make a quick decision and now I am suffering from buyer’s remorse.

The first thing I did wrong was buy a home without having an independent inspector come in and look at the place. The seller told me that they had an inspector who could look at the house and we let this happen. We did not consider the fact that the person who was looking would be taking the seller’s best interest and placing it above ours. He did not even bother to take a look at the roof and that is the source of many of our troubles.

One of the first nights we stayed in the place it rained and we woke up to puddles of water in different areas of the house. We had to call in a roofer and pay a ton of money to get things fixed. We also lost money because some of our personal items were damaged. This is terrible, especially since we spent most of our savings on the actual purchase.

The next problem we have is the fact that the house is so much more unique than all of the others on the street. Instead of this being a great thing, it sticks out like a sore thumb whenever someone drives by. I wish that we had given this purchase a lot more thought and selected a place that was far better than what we have.

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