Plano To Hold Recall Vote For Councilor Tom Harrison

PLANO, TX — When Plano voters head to the polls in November, one ballot measure they’ll now see is an option to recall a city council member who came under fire in February for an inflammatory and seemingly anti-Islam Facebook post.

The Plano City Council voted 6-0 Monday to call the election after a petition submitted by citizens was declared valid with some 4,400 signatures.

Harrison requested a public hearing into his actions before the council vote, the Dallas Morning News reported. He asked the hearing be scheduled for April 23.

City Attorney Paige Mims told The News the hearing is separate from the council’s vote and instead allows Harrison to state his case for voters.

A GoFundMe Fundraiser titled "Tom Harrison Legal Expense Trust" was created to help the councilman raise funds in the recall fight.

"Democrats, special interests and fanatics have conspired to break the law in an attempt to force him off the City Council to make way for Harry LaRosiliere’s political and social agenda," a private account named Protect Plano wrote on the GoFundMe campaign. "Time and time again Tom has been the champion of the citizens of Plano. We must now stand up for him and defend him against this illegal recall effort."

Image via City of Plano

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